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What is

Ape Society is a unique hand drawn NFT collection. We have merged three complete collections into one society. From the poor class to the middle class to the high class, we gave each class different facial expressions and accessories, creating different rarities.

If we grind together, we shine together!


Three different base characters and over 150 traits make three different collections that we merged into one 4444 piece Ape Society. The higher the class the rarer the ape.

Poor Class

You will realize that this poor guy is going through a hard time right now. We have included various details, such as a crack in the ear or a gap in the teeth.

Middle Class

This monkey class really can't complain. However, not everything is fun, some monkeys have to work on the construction site and others are doctors or in the army.

High Class

You recognize it. This class has all the advantages of life and enjoys it to the fullest. However, they are rather rare.

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This roadmap outlines our goals and where we want to take Ape Society.

1. 20%

We will work with artists, celebrities and influencers to build even more reach. Our team has lot of experience working with the right influencers & celebrities.

2. 40%

5 ETH are added to the community wallet. These are used for giveaways for loyal holders.

3. 60%

Community merchandise is released. We have over 8 years of experience and contacts in building lifestyle brands, we will take full advantage of them and take Ape Society to the next level.

4. 80%

We will be releasing MUTANT Society Apes, loyal holders are rewarded. Additional we will be adding 15 ETH to the community wallet.

5. 100% - SOLD OUT

10% of the sale will be put back into the collection, after one week of the reveal. This will raise the floor price. Furthermore, 5% of the royalties will be put into the floor price every week. This not only stabilizes the floor price, but raises it steadily! The acquired NFT's will be used for giveaways for loyal holders or active members! Another 5% of royalties will be added to the community wallet weekly!


Each NFT is algorithmically generated by combining 150+ unique traits across different categories.

Poor Class
Middle Class
High Class
Super Rare


We are a team that has been building lifestyle & fashion brands full time for years. Our passion is to build brands that create value. Starting with a small team in Germany to today our team in Miami, our passion always remains the same. Every team member is ready to do their part and make sure that a symbiosis is created for the whole project.